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Have you always struggled with growing and maintaining a full, healthy beard? Have you been on the search for the perfect beard grooming products, beard oils, and pristine beard maintenance tips? Your search ends here! You will find all the secrets to bearded perfection here and now!

In case you’ve not figured it out yet, beard oils and beard waxes are your beard’s best friends. While it is true that numerous hair care products abound, however, your quest for the best beard care products no longer continues, the search is over! At Empire Beards, we provide simple, natural, and effective solutions for growing and maintaining your beard, using recipes passed down from generations.

Natural and quality ingredients

We take extreme pride in using only 100% natural ingredients such as essential oils, jojoba oil, argon oil, and our secret blends made of pure and natural elements. Because we use only natural ingredients of the highest and purest quality for all our products, you can be rest assured that your beard is going to get the best care it deserves, and your skin also adequately conditioned specifically for the thick course of beard it will be holding.

Infusing the right balance of multiple oils is the key to our unbeatable beard oils. We don’t use cheaper fills or synthetic mixes, leaving you with 100% natural beard care products. Because we are committed to the ultimate beard growth, care and satisfaction of our customers, it is easy to see why they keep coming back to Empire Beards, because they realize that we truly make the best beard oils on earth.

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Our elite products are your secret to bearded perfection 

We only sell a few types of beard oil because we believe in quality over quantity. Since anyone can add nice scents to cheap filler oils and call it beard oil, we set ourselves apart by only supplying top quality oils. That’s why we continue to win awards, and have repeat customer that swear by our products.

Our best beard oils include The London Brew and The Byzantine Blend, both of which are in such high demand that they are so hard to keep in stock. The Byzantine Blend exudes a scent of smooth attraction, while the London Brew smells like pure man, with bay leaf and tobacco slowly infused for over 30 days.

As you can imagine, the Noble Draft carries hints of earthy and woodsy fragrances, and is one of the best beard oils around. As you would assume from its name, it has an irresistibly elegant aroma that’s sure to please the ladies and you.

Choose from our array of high quality blends that which perfectly fits your lifestyle and personality, to bring out that manly appeal in you.

Everything You Need At Your Fingertips

We know beards are unique, and as such, they need the perfect amount of conditioning, shine, and sensitivity to add that manliness to your face. Hence, we have made it very easy for you to find the right products for you, as well as locate tips, contests, and the real bearded world. With Empire Beards, unruly beards are a thing of the past. You can now smack the world with your bearded confidence.

Because we are committed to bringing out the best in your facial appearance, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with all the major tips you need to know to maintain and care for your facial hair.

Do visit our gallery of items, and check out our photos of different beard styles. Don’t forget to also check our special offers, and let us join you on your journey to becoming a true bearded master.

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