The London Brew, Beard Oil

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When grandpa walks in the house and the room fills with the smell of hard work mixed with manly must, which you know is because he has on the London Brew Beard Oil.   He’s been using as long as I’ve know the man. It has been my go to choice for at least a year now. One of the best beard oils!

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London Brew |Why buy this?

The London Brew, Beard oil – This oil is a true master piece and is pure manliness. We infused Tobacco, bay leaf and a few (10-12) other trade secret ingredients into it. Which give our oils the perfect amount on shine and conditioning.   With Empire Beards you can count on and pure organic quality.   We NEVER will use cheap fillers like 99% of the other beard oil suppliers.  Over time, cheap fillers will give you spit ends or as we call it rattle snake nests.   Not in my hard grown beard.

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