Master Beard 2017 Contest

We are holding the Master Beard 2017 Contest.

To compete: send in a picture of your bearded glory with one of our products in hand.

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The rules are simple

Master Beard 2017 Contest


  • All beards/mustaches are welcome

  • Beards will be judged (NOT) on normal criteria but by a panel of 6 hand picked beard loving women.

  • By sending us your entry, you agree we can use your image/name in our marketing venues.

  • You are not required to show up to the November 30 showing to be considered.  All judging is done off a single photograph.

Winner will receive status as “A Bearded Master”, He or she is awarded a Custom Bearded Masters Kit.

Contest Ends November 30, 2017 – Walk-ins are welcome



2015 Bearded Master Contest


First Place

2015 Bearded Master winner was “Big Reed Johnson” From Sundance Utah

2nd place

Chase Markov From Sugar Land, Texas

 3rd Place

“The Brick” Trenton Collins From Newton, MA


2016 Bearded Master Contest

Was held at Park City olympic park in Utah, and man was it cold! 

Despite the fringed temperatures it was the best contest yet, with our furthest contestant flying in from Cairns, Australia 

This year we selected a brand new 6 women from the streets of Park City as judges.  Wow, this year was an amazing unique contest!

First Place

2 years running “Big Reed Johnson” From Sundance Utah

2nd place

Trenton Greggor “Mr. Suave” From New York, New York

 3rd Place

 Cory Smith “Tiny” From Boise, ID