Breaking down the advantages of Beard Oil



If there has been one fad in men’s fashion that has lasted through the past few years, it would be the beard. The beard has become a symbol of manliness, style, and character. And the bigger the beard, the more the ladies seem to love it. However, while the beard is a glorious fashion and personal statement, some guys seem to be lacking the knowledge of proper beard upkeep. Guys, conditioner and combing won’t cut it. What lady wants to be stabbed in the face with a wild, ungroomed hair? Beard oil helps keep your facial hair healthy, keeps your beard from itching, beard soft as well as detangled and more manageable.

Beard oils are made from carrier oil and essential oil. The oils are derived from natural ingredients such as argan, grapeseed, sweet almond, jojoba, etc. These promote healthy skin and hair, and are very popular in beauty products. They hydrate hair follicles as well as nourish the strands to make any straw-like beard turn soft and silky! Other oils such as sandalwood and tea tree will actually help clear your pores as well, being as they are natural antiseptics. The oil will also add a complimenting scent to any cologne you wear by not having an overpowering smell, but rather a light and complimenting smell.

Beard oil also helps combat “beardruff”, which is dandruff formed in the beard. These oils will nourish and hydrate your skin so that it does not become flaky. One cannot really talk up beard oil enough. Many men scoff at needing beard oil, wanting to just “man up” during the itchy stage and doesn’t care how unkempt their beards look. Beard oil is completely underrated and should not be thought of as girly. It is not a girly thing to want healthy and soft hair, it is a “I want to look civilized” thing. After all, nothing adds to suaveness like an immaculate, groomed beard.

Wait There’s More!

Beard oil also cuts down on split ends, which cuts down on the need for trimming. After all, healthy hair does not split very often. So if you despise a heavy routine of conditioning, combing, and trimming- beard oil is here to rescue you. For those of you trying to grow your beard, that could mean wondrous outcomes! You will not have to trim as much, so therefore your beard can grow at its usual, natural pace.

The longer your beard gets the more oil it will need to properly maintain it. More hair means more hair that will need coverage! Beard oil provides essential nutrients that any beard needs. It will give your straw-like beard impeccable softness, keep it tangle free, and keep your hair and skin healthy. If you are serious about growing out your beard and maintaining it properly, beard oil is a must. You can purchase a variety of wonderful oils from! They have several kits to pick from to make sure you get the set which works best for you and your beard.