Beard Grooming Contests


Do you secretly want to share your bearded glory?

Here are the most righteous and worthy Beard Grooming Contests in the kingdom. is a grass roots non-profit organization founded in 2007 to advocate against domestic violence.   They Raise needed funding for local abuse shelters and give you a chance to show your beard off.

Every year in October-November, the world famous Sundance resort in Utah holds the Octoberfest Beard contest. It is visited by the rich and famous from all over the globe. Anyone can enter and it’s worth the trip!

A relatively new group from Idaho and Utah has been holding a pretty amazing beard contest in Boise Idaho. This contest is annually and has had many celebrities attend. It is gaining more attention each year.


Now of course the King of contests will always be

if you can compete on this level, you are a bearded god!


If you are looking for a team to compete and a good way to make some outstanding connections is


Looking to start smaller?

Nevada Days

The Iowa Beard Off

The Minnesota Beard Off

The Wisconsin Beard Off


Northern California Moustache & Beard Competition

South Carolina



North Carolina



If you can’t find the email, every state has one contest at least once a year. We also know of a ton in Canada, Europe and much more.

The love of Beards is growing.



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