Noble Draft Wax – Beard maintenance

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Noble Draft Wax

The Perfect Beard Conditioner

The noble draft beard oil and organic cosmetic grade beeswax are mixed together to give you an effective beard conditioner. Use The noble draft wax help control those rough and straying hairs that make you look gruffly and scruffy.

For A Fresh Noble Smell

We formulated the noble draft wax to bring to your beard a fresh noble smell with woody notes. We designed it to hold and condition your beard also. This formula has top quality oils including argan, jojoba, tea tree, a variety of eucalyptus, spruce, almond, and 5 to 10 of our trade secret ingredients. You cannot not have this in your arsenal.

Live like the noble men of time past. Feel their essence and enjoy the attention they got. You are only a click away from your noble goal.


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