Ours vs Theirs

Our blends of unique beard oils and waxes are a few generations in the making. Our long treasured family beard oil recipes have been handed down, and started us on a path that has helped us to create the world’s best beard oils. Every detail is considered in our blends, from the perfect amount of softening, sheen, skin care, and smell, to the purity of the vitamins we use. Only Organic, cold pressed, 100% natural sustainable oils are used.

Our fragrances come from our enhancing essential oils. Also, the essential oils we use are 100% organic and therapeutic grade. They are selected not just for smell, but the natural benefits they offer to the facial hair and to the soul of the man.

While other oil beard producers are using cheap filler oils, bringing down the cost of production in the process, but ultimately causing split ends and brittle hair in the long run, we bring you only the very best that nature has to offer!

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Why we don’t we use castor oil?


Statistic: 9 out of 10 beard oils producers today use castor oil. It has many moisturizing and cleansing properties, as well as many beneficial uses. However, it is not good in beard oil! Most beard oil producers use it for one simple fact, it is really cheap.

Many people have skin irritation, bumps, and redness, and complain that with extended use it causes the beard to become brittle. We have chosen to use only the best with absolutely no cheap fillers. We guarantee to only use the very best ingredients in our family recipes. No castor oil in any of our products!


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