Treat your beard with the TLC it deserves – Beard Maintenance

Thanks to all the cool kids, beards have never been more fashionable. Gone is the association with homelessness and general poor personal health, and instead, anyone with a beard is regarded as hip, trendy, and totally en vogue. However, having a beard isn’t as simple as abandoning the razor and shaving kit and leaving the house, oh no. A lot goes into beard maintenance and all its needs – some might even say it takes more time to take care of a beard than clean shaving every single day. Taking care of your beard needn’t be stressful though, as there are many products on the market to help keep things neat, tidy, and totally manageable.

Don’t even think about growing a beard without stocking up on beard oil. Luckily, there are lots of different beard oils to choose from at Empire Beards. The Emperors Brew Beard Oil is of superb quality, and is made to tame and soften even the harshest and most unruly of beard hairs. Plus the smell is to die for – it will send the women folk crazy. Some of the ingredients that make this product as amazing as it is include the following oils: argan, jojoba, melaleuca and eucalyptus. There are of course other ingredients in Emperors Brew Beard Oil, but the manufacturers are keen to keep some of them hush hush for obvious reasons.

The Smell is Perfect Too

Other oils available similar to the Emperors Brew Beard Oil include The Noble Draft (it comes with a great woody smell that really awakens the senses) and the Byzantine Blend which will, not to exaggerate, make you smell like a Greek God. But please don’t take our word for it. Get some for yourself or for your man. You will soon know what I mean.

 The best thing about all of the above oils is the fact that they are 100% organic and feature only the purest, undiluted ingredients, so you know your skin really is getting the best of the best. Putting on the oil should feel calming and therapeutic, and not like a chore. Your beard is for you to enjoy!

Now that you’re clued up on the oils, the next step in beard maintenance is wax, an essential part of your beard grooming routine. Empire Beards stock three types of waxes in the Emperors Brew, Noble Draft and Byzantium Blend flavours, and are definite must-have for ensuring your beard hairs stay in their places.

There are other tricks to keeping a well-groomed beard and beard maintenance. Make sure you have a good shampoo to give it a deep clean when it needs it – particularly after a messy meal such as burgers or soup) and also to follow up with a conditioner that will smooth it out and prepare it for its oiling. We also suggest having a small pair of scissors to hand to trim any rogue hairs that just can’t behave themselves. And this last trick is completely optional, but dye might also be something to think about if you have more grey hairs than you’d care for and want to disguise them.