The revival of a bearded culture

If you look throughout history, you will notice that the beard has come in and out of fashion many times, but never has it disappeared completely. The thought is that the beard has for a long time represented masculinity, independence, ability and even heroism. This is something that may go into hiding for a few years here and there, but it just has to be let out and this time it is though that the revival of bearded culture is here to stay. To keep your beard revival success, you will need to start beard care from the beginning. Beards are attractive to the opposite sex but only when taken care of properly with beard maintenance such as using the best beard oil and other beard products.


The peak beard became popular back in 2013, which left many men looking for the best beard oil to keep their facial tresses in the best condition. Beard products were selling off the shelves as everyone wanted in on the action. The latest beard trend and need for beard products for beard maintenance is still going and looks to be here to stay. Whether a moustache, beard, whiskers or sideburns the beard has never totally disappeared and unlike many other trends it has seen out decades at a time.


Because of the link to beards and a man’s feelings about himself and the way others perceive him, he is always prevalent searching for the best beard product such as the best beard oil for beard care is something that is going to last throughout this fashion and masculinity statement. A weak and brittle beard with dry skin flaking around it is not going to give off the same air of masculinity as one that is well cared for. Being an indicator to many as a sign of sexual potency no one wants their beard to look unkempt as this is how the fairer sex may deem their future treatment to be. A beard is just not a great beard without the right beard care.


It’s definitely a fact that men sporting beards and those surrounding them perceive them in a different way to those that are clean shaven. Clean shaven is for boys not for real men that want to be taken seriously by the fairer sex, employers and others inside and outside of their community. Beards don’t only look great they also have some excellent health benefits such as catching allergens before they reach your airways, being able to protect your skin underneath from the elements and in those colder months keeping your face warm.


Beard oil is great for all types of facial hair and surrounding skin so don’t assume that beard care is only for those that have big bushy beards. By protecting the skin, the beard hair doesn’t succumb to flakiness and of course women love to caress a soft cared for beard that isn’t going to leave them scratching with discomfort. It’s an air of mystery for many women; they can’t grow their own but just want to touch a guy’s beard. Make yours feel great so they just can’t stay away with the best beard oil and beard care routine.