Best Beard Oils




We have all heard the phrase that “Necessity is the mother of all invention” and in a nutshell this explains EmpireBeard’s creation and explosion into the modern market place. The need for quality beard oil has long been a desire for many generations of bearded masters.  We took our great, great grandfathers beard oil recipes and modified, tested, and modified and retested again until we created the greatest beard oils on earth.  Our focus was on three areas that all current beard oils didn’t adequately address.  Which are the quality of ingredients, conditioning ability, and overall performance.


The vast majority of beard oils on the market are made with castor oil as a base. Castor oil is a cheap, low quality conditioning oil. While testing the castor oil, we found that it tends to dry out the hair follicles and hair strands with long term use.  With this discovery, we found only a few products that were void of this oil.  The problem with all other remaining brands was performance.  Most were too oily and too shiny which can cause skin irritation.  During the development stage, we found that many different natural oils created unique effects.  We now use that knowledge to create unique blends that meet all of our goals including the perfect amount of sheen, conditioning and still sensitive to the skin.  Even though we are still growing, we have already impressed even the toughest critics.  Feel free to check out the many reviews that confirm we provide the best beard oils!


We are currently developing a Super Hold Wax, a Beard Shampoo, Specialty Combs, and 3 new Beard Oil Blends. These items are almost out of the testing phase (with great results) and will be ready for market soon.  We are excited to have more members of the Empire Beards Brotherhood!