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Breaking down the advantages of Beard Oil

    If there has been one fad in men’s fashion that has lasted through the past few years, it would be the beard. The beard has become a symbol of manliness, style, and character. And the bigger the beard, the more the ladies seem to love it. However, while the beard is a glorious […]

5 secret ingredients to keep your beards healthy- The Natural way

  Getting a healthy beard to look wholesome isn’t all about throwing your razor in the bin and leaving it to fate. You want it to look healthy rather than scraggly or patchy.  You will need to take care of your nutritional needs too. As well as using beard products such as balms, the best beard oil and […]

The revival of a bearded culture

If you look throughout history, you will notice that the beard has come in and out of fashion many times, but never has it disappeared completely. The thought is that the beard has for a long time represented masculinity, independence, ability and even heroism. This is something that may go into hiding for a few […]

Treat your beard with the TLC it deserves – Beard Maintenance

Thanks to all the cool kids, beards have never been more fashionable. Gone is the association with homelessness and general poor personal health, and instead, anyone with a beard is regarded as hip, trendy, and totally en vogue. However, having a beard isn’t as simple as abandoning the razor and shaving kit and leaving the […]

Best Beard Oils

      We have all heard the phrase that “Necessity is the mother of all invention” and in a nutshell this explains EmpireBeard’s creation and explosion into the modern market place. The need for quality beard oil has long been a desire for many generations of bearded masters.  We took our great, great grandfathers […]

What is Beard Oil and do I need it?

  What is beard oil? Answer: It is oil that is made especially for your beard. It keeps your beard soft, smelling fresh, helps maintain your wild hairs and it is also keeping your facial skin hydrated, helping you to avoid pesky ingrown hairs. If you are thinking you can’t get ingrown hairs, remember the […]